Concept to Curtain

Concept to CurtainCome on down to the second (annual?) joint venture between Aftershock Entertainment, and the Fusion Performing Arts Center; Concept to Curtain, a 24 hour play festival! What does that mean? It means you have exactly one day to write, direct and produce your very own one-act play!

To participate is simple. Arrive at the Fusion Performing Arts Center at 5:00PM Saturday, April 12th, to register. Sign up costs $10, to cover food and housing for the night. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be split off into groups, and given a few specific details that your play must include. You will given a genre, a prop, a location, some specific lines that must be included, but aside from some guidelines, it is entirely up to you and your team what your play consists of.

The mall will be CLOSED from 9:30PM until 11:00AM. You are more than welcome to stay the night at the mall, and you are more than welcome to leave- but if you do leave, understand that you won’t be allowed back until 11:00AM the next day. You can get out while the mall is closed, not back in. If you are under eighteen and plan on staying the night, be sure to bring a parent with you to registration, as we’ll need them to sign a release form.

Your task is simple- Arrive at the Fusion Performing Arts Center at 5:00PM on Sunday, the 13th of April, and buy a $10 ticket. We can’t guarantee what the content will be in terms of ‘rating’, but we can guarantee it is going to be whacky and spectacular! It certainly was last year.

If you want to participate, or just come out and watch, we’d love to have you! Spread the word, let’s make this the most successful 24 play festival we’ve done yet!

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