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Aftershock has always wanted to give as much as it can to the community, through theatre. Well now, we’d like to show others how to do the same! Come attend Aftershock’s FREE workshop open house! Unlike most of our open houses, which focus on showing off and performing for you, this open house will be all about teaching you to do what we do, via workshops. There will also be items available for purchase from Hillary’s Handmade, as well as Aftershock DVDs. Come support Aftershock and learn from our experienced performers, as they teach you what they know about their craft. You can learn how to audition, how to improvise, you’ll learn about singing, dancing, acting, stage combat, and more. So grab a friend, and come on by to pick up gifts, and or a new set of skills- for beginner and advanced performers alike!

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE – All workshops available for all ages and experience levels.

Group Vocal Warmups! An Aftershock tradition. Anyone can partake, and warm your voice up to prepare for a full day of talking, singing, or whatever else you may need your voice for!

Theatrical/Dance Warm-ups, with Allison Korn. Learn how to prepare your body for physical activity through various stretches and exercises. A great way to start the day, even for non-performers!
Audition Technique, with Joshua Kurtz. Learn tips and tricks on how to really nail that audition you want- from cold readings, to how to approach a song, to how to talk to the directors when you come in, get the inside scoop on what they’re looking for!

Swing Dancing, with Hillary Kurtz. Ever wanted to do some cool partner dancing, but never knew how to get started? Here you can! Learn some cool moves in this funky dance style. All experience levels welcome.
Sushi Making, with Steve Kurtz. Okay, this isn’t theatrical, but it’s a crowd favorite. Don’t bother spending tons of money on expensive restaurant Sushi- you can learn how to make your own delicious meal right at home!

A Capella Singing, with Joshua Kurtz. Time to get those pipes warmed up, and sing some beautiful music using nothing but the human voice! Learn how to make lovely sounds without needing instrumentation.
Tap Dancing, with Hillary Kurtz. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can tap! It’s just a matter of getting started. Let Hillary show you how to get your feet moving and grooving with this snazzy dance workshop!

Improvisation with, Jenn Adams. Improv is a huge part of theatre, either to create cool pieces, or sometimes just to cover for mistakes. Let the lovely Jenn Adams teach you how to make it up as you go along with this silly and fun Improv workshop!
Hip-Hop, with Hillary Kurtz. Learn how to get down to the beat with some super-cool Hip-Hop dancing. This is one of Hillary’s favorite styles of dancing, and I’ll bet by the time she finishes, it’ll be one of yours, too.

Lyrical Dancing, with Allison Korn. Lyrical dancing takes you on a journey of movement, through the lyrics of the song you’re listening to. It can be beautiful, cool, silly, awe-inspiring, and more- depending on the song. Learn how to express yourself through dance!
Stage Combat, with Joshua Kurtz. Conflict in theatre is quite common- but you don’t just go throwing punches willy-nilly. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to make it look like you’re dishing out the pain on stage – without hurting a fly.

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