True Villains the Musical

True Villains the Musical is an all original musical written, produced and directed by Joshua Kurtz.  The show has been produced two times, once for Gloucester County Institute of Technology, December 9-12, 2009, and another for Mainstage Center for the Arts at Camden County College, June 25-26, 2010.


In the world of True Villains, the supernatural puts an extreme emphasis on natural. Magic, monsters, demons and golems run rampant in the world, and what we would consider in this world to be impossible would be considered in the True Villains world to be tragically quaint. Warriors of God known as Paladins search through the land, imbuing righteousness on all they see fit, dark sorcerers and demons search about looking for more things to destroy or people to kill. There is never a dull moment.

True Villains is a classic tale of magic and heroism told from the villains’ point of view. In this brand new musical comedy, we follow the trials and tribulations of Sebastian Jalek, an up and coming adventurer who winds up working for the bad guys. Sebastian joins Xaneth Antaris, an infamous demon, and is sent to destroy a village. At said village, he meets Xaneth’s other partner, Elia, a necromancer, and later, Sebastian’s love interest. Sebastian destroys the town but winds up saving the life of Mia, a small girl who lived there, for sheer pity. Sebastian convinces Xaneth to let him take Mia on as his apprentice so that Xaneth doesn’t kill her. However, when a renowned hero, Gray, takes it upon himself to rid the world of Xaneth and all associated with him, the good days of the bad guys seem doomed to a hasty end. Will evil be able to prevail against good?

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