‘Till Death do us Part (Aug 2010)

‘Till Death do us Part was performed August 20-22, 2010 at the Oaklyn Fire Hall and The Community Room at Trinity Presbyterian Church.


The year is 2010, the place is a big city. Meet Hank Atkinson, a biology professor in love. He marries the lovely Susan, and together they live happily for some time. Then, one day while walking to the university, Hank is kicked in the head by a pigeon, stumbles into the street, is hit by a bus, and dies. Susan mourns for a little while, but eventually remarries to a man by the name of Tad Wegman. The end.

Or it would be, if months later, Hank didn’t come back from the grave as a zombie, and try to win back his lost love. What allowed this to happen? Likely the same thing that allows all of the characters to break into spontaneous song and dance. This is one undead, musical extravaganza that you DON’T want to miss.

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For more information, please see www.TillDeathMusical.com.

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